17 April, 2014

Before the Sunday walks...
Before taking a walk through the graveyard with my friend Hibaq we snapped these photos. I love this kimono and I cannot believe I haven't worn it out yet. It's layered and simple with a boxier look than my other pieces. We had a lot of fun shooting these looks a couple weeks ago. I cannot believe I've finally gone through all of them. I hope to work with my pretty lady again soon. I owe her the biggest thankful because these looks have surely opened a few doors for me. I hope to be able to tell you guys about everything soon. Allow me to warn I may not be on top of my blogging game for the next few weeks. Uni is pretty hard this go around so we'll see what I come up with.

Hope you see ya soon. Thanks again Hibaq!

Details: Kimono (Forever 21) ∙ Crop Top (Brandy Melville) ∙ Shorts (Thrifted) ∙ Boots (H&M)

09 April, 2014

To start you should listen to Don Diablo ft. Dragonette: Animale (Datsik Remix). Apart from my obsession with that song, the weather here has been almost perfect for the past few weeks. I cannot express how excited I am to wear lazy outfits like this one. I am not excited for hot weather whatsoever. I just love how everything is right now, but I know it's not here to stay. It'll be insanely hot before I know it. This outfit pretty much sums up my summer style. I don't have an exciting wardrobe in the summer because where I live it's so hot. Still I shall challenge myself to present different looking outfits, so I don't bore you all to death this year. I actually just ordered a ton of basics I hope to shoot next. My lovely friend Hibaq took these photos for me as well. Since a lot of them came out well, I decided to make a longer photo post for once. I have one more look to post from that day. It should be up soon.

See ya then. 
Details: Crop Top (Forever 21) ∙ Shorts (Thrifted) ∙ Boots (H&M)